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Just Mercy – Michael B.Jordan’s Court Room Drama is More Than A Conventional BioPic

Just Mercy is based on the incredible true story of Walter McMillan & Bryan Stevenson and is crafted in such a way, you will leave the screens feeling privileged to have learnt their story. Just Mercy did what it sets out to do, to tell their story in an authentic way. It was obvious to me from the get go that the cast and crew clearly cared about the real-life people being depicted and that sincerity shines through. This power didn’t come from the direction, nor the script like most bio-pic pieces usually do, but the rich human drama. This made for one of the most emotional and involving viewing experiences you’ll ever expeirence.

What Made It So Powerful

The casting helped make this film so powerful and Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx give two of the best performances of their careers. Michael B. Jordan had such a gripping a human performance and when he speaks you hang off his every word. Jamie Foxx’s performance was raw and they had excellent chemistry together. Another standout would have to be Rob Morgan portraying Herbert Richardson. Morgan delievered one of the most heartwrenching scenes I have eveer seen on the big screen, I don’ think I have ever sobbed so much in a film.

Michael B.Jordan in Just Mercy Hd Image

This film had the power to make people look at and debate with themselves over the death penalty, which we were doing long after the film. It also shows just how unjust and how the system is, sometimes making you so angry you must refrain from reacting out loud. The most powerful thing about this film is instead of leaving the cinema feeling like humanity is lost, you leave feeling hopeful.The storytelling is done in an engaging and investing way,you honestly won’t be able to stop the tears from flowing.

Why It’s A Must See

As formulaic this bio-pic may be in terms of direction, Just Mercy is nonetheless a thought-provoking and emotionally powerful movie, with equally as powerful performances and direction. It doesn’t sugar coat anything, it’s raw and human. It deserves so much recognition and everyone needs to know the story of Bryan Stevenson, so see this movie.

8 Hooves Out Of 10

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