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Morbius and Spider-Man to be set within both Sony universe and MCU

The MCU and the Sony Universe will reportedly be connected. Jared Leto’s ‘Morbius’ will reference Tom Holland’s MCU Spider-Man through various ‘wanted’ posters. This means that the two universes will be bridged together in a very interesting way. 

Yes, it’s somehow true. We had our doubts at first but according to DR Movie News and other sources online, the upcoming Sony Morbius movie starring Jared Leto will be set in Sony’s separate ’Spider-Verse’ and will feature references to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. This means the events of Morbius will be set after the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Morbius Movie Leaked Image

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How Will It Work?

Events in the Sony Universe will only ever be referenced in Spider-Man films and NOT in the MCU. This means that Spider-Man MCU films will affect the Sony Universe but Sony films won’t have any any effect on events in the MCU.

J Jonah Jameson Spider-Man Far From Home

You may be wondering, how will the two universes be bridged? Well it seems the main way will be by the man himself: J Jonah Jameson. He’s set to interview Dr Michael Morbius in the (you guessed it) upcoming Morbius film for the Daily Bugle. 

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