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Netflix’s ‘The Stranger’ is Your Next TV Binge!

Since the recent release of Netflix’s Sex Education, The new series that everyone seems to be addicted to is The Stranger. After premiering on Netflix on 30 January 2020 and starring Richard Armitage (Spooks, The Hobbit), Jennifer Saunders (Absolutely Fabulous) and many more fantastic names it has certainly caught the attention of many viewers.

Some Context:

Beginning in a classic British suburban town with a bonfire party full of teenagers and a naked guy running through the woods, we’re off to an interesting start.

You are then introduced to the Prices’s, a seemingly happy family, with two successful parents and two smiling sons and here their perfect life begins to unravel.

Straight away you are plunged into the twisted ways of ‘The Stranger’, the heroine of truth arriving to tell you your loved ones deepest darkest secrets, but are they telling the truth and what have they got to gain?

Netflix The Stranger Series: Price Family

The Story Unravels:

Each episode cleverly links the many characters you are introduced to through the winding web of secrets and entices you as the truth starts to surface in unpredictable ways.

With crime, corruption, teenage angst and high drama, there is something for a wide range of viewers to relate to and enjoy throughout this thriller.

I was gripped from the get-go and although I’m not going to spoil the series, this is a weird show.

Netflix The Stranger Image

Why It’s Bingeworthy:

If you manage to get past the beheaded alpaca named after one of the One Direction boys, you’ll definitely find yourself addicted.

From each twist and turn and each revelation told by ‘The Stranger’ this show becomes more intriguing and equally as troubling.

With only eight episodes about 50 minutes each it’s not too long before you’re skipping that Netflix intro to find out what action you’re in store for next.

With an original plot and an exceedingly great cast give it a go!


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