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Borderlines – Everything You Need To Know About The UK’S Biggest Film Festivals

One of the biggest and best-attended film festivals in the UK is Borderlines. Now in it’s 18th year it spans across Herefordshire, Shropshire, Malvern and the Welsh Borders. The festival opens on Friday 28 February until Sunday 15 March and includes previews, new releases, locally-made films, documentary’s and much more. Borderlines gives local audiences the opportunity to experience a film programme a little broader than what you might expect to find in such rural areas. 

Why Come To Borderlines?

There is something a little more exciting about a film festival! It’s the buzz of lots of people being together to experience these titles and the opportunity to voice your opinion afterwards in the form of post it notes and voting boxes. Look out for the post it notes on the Borderlines twitter with film reviews if you are still contemplating certain titles.

Some Exciting Titles:

Parasite (15)

Woo-sik Choi and So-dam Park in PARASITE HD Image 2020

Of course the multi award winning, Parasite is a must see. Being the first foreign language film to win an academy award this South Korean film, a mixture of comedy, drama and thriller has viewers raving. Bong Joon Ho, director and writer won Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Picture, he is being applauded for his unique way of layering genres, make sure you don’t miss this on the big screen.

Radioactive (12A)

Rosamund Pike in Radioactive HD Image 2020

From the 1870s to the modern era, Radioactive is a journey through Marie Curie’s enduring legacies – her passionate relationships, scientific breakthroughs, and the consequences that followed for her and for the world.

Mr. Jones (15)

Vanessa Kirby and James Norton in MR JONES HD Image 2019

Based on the real events of Gareth Jones, an ambitious and idealistic Welsh journalist who witnesses the man-made famine by the Soviet Union first-hand. Starring, James Norton, Vanessa Kirby and Peter Sarsgaard this will be a powerful movie to watch during the festival.

Papicha (15)

French with English subtitles.

Papicha is about a band of girls in their late teens in ’90 Algiers collude to resist restrictions on their freedom and independence in their own way, creating a fashion show.

Military Wives (12A)

Kristin Scott Thomas in Military Wives (2019)

Humour is in high demand at the moment and the new British comedy from the director of The Full Monty, Peter Cattaneo, might be just the antidote, if only for a couple of hours. Military Wives is set in a drab, military base where the wives of personnel serving their terms in Afghanistan fight boredom and loneliness while bracing themselves against that fateful knock on the door. So make sure you catch this genuinely heart-warming celebration of the bonding power of song!

The Truth (PG)

Ethan Hawke, Juliette Binoche, Catherine Deneuve, and Clémentine Grenier in La vérité (2019) The Truth

The festival comes to a close with a preview of The Truth, from Shoplifters director, Hirokazu Kore-eda. The story follows Fabienne, a French film star who, after writing her memoirs is reunited with her daughter. Starring French screen legends Catherine Deneuve and Juliette Binoche this powerful and emotional story of family conflicts is a sure fire way to end the festival emphasising the power of great, emotive cinema.

Borderlines Film Festival is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself into a new title so book your tickets to experience and talk about the very best new films from all over the world!

Watch the trailer for Borderlines here: 

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