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A HUGE The Walking Dead Universe Crossover Is On The Way.

Michonne’s final episode is just the beginning of a HUGE Walking Dead Universe crossover: Rick Grimes will return, classic characters will be reunited and different shows will combine, all in a trilogy of films.

Well that’s our theory anyway.

Warning, SPOILERS: Not only was there some well executed zombie killing scenes but also a ‘What If?’ moment that explored the possibility of Michonne never meeting Rick and the gang.

On top of this, Michonne became one very large step closer to reuniting with the main man himself: Rick Grimes.

Oh and she discovered a massive community of people travelling too somewhere or nowhere? It was A LOT to digest. Don’t worry, we got you.

Re-Cap of Michonne’s Final Walking Dead Episode:

(Scroll down if you don’t need a recap, the juicy stuff is at the bottom)

To break things down: As the episode started to wrap up and Virgil had calmed down, Michonne’s hope of finding weapons to destroy the Whisperers were lost.

UNTIL she found a pair of boots belonging to Rick Grimes. Michonne freaked out and Virgil explained they were from another unknown group.

Virgil takes Michonne to a boat and while rummaging through the mess she finds an iPhone with a picture of herself and Judith engraved on the screen, above this is the name ‘Rick’ alongside writing in another language.

It’s in this moment Michonne knows Rick is still out there somewhere. Virgil explains these belongings were from a group heading north, Michonne decides to take the boat with three other survivors to help them find their home and after a call with Judith decides to continue her journey and search for Rick.

Skip forward a little and Michonne has been travelling alone, she has her iconic chained walkers with her and stumbles across two people, one with a damaged leg in wearing what looks like ponchos.

The pair explain they need help to keep up with a group that won’t wait for them, the camera pans and we see a HUGE community of people travelling together with horses and supplies.

Michonne kills her walkers and helps the couple catch up with the group.

End of episode.

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Rick Grimes Is Still Out There, What does this mean?

Well this now means Michonne is heading towards the same place Rick was taken.

Rick survived the events of the explosion on the bridge and is now travelling with this new group, it’s likely to be the same people that took him in the helicopter, unless he escaped?

Anyway, Rick’s with someone and they must be getting on as they’ve gone to the effort of drawing a picture of Michonne and Judith

But where is Rick heading? Our theory is it’s to do with The Commonwealth from the comics, a very big and advanced community that runs very similar to how things did before the apocalypse. With lots of different settlements, advanced equipment and its own army.

It could even be that the person Eugene was talking to via radio are from the same community. It could also be the Maggie is also at The Commonwealth.

What about that massive group of people?

It could be a whole new group entirely or it could be the commonwealth. Or it may even be a group travelling to The Commonwealth. Either way, it’s likely all tied to the commonwealth.

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The Walking Dead Films:

A Walking Dead Trilogy involving Rick is currently in the works and it’s only a matter of time until more info gets released.

Our theory is that each individual series is all leading to the trilogy of films taking place at The Commonwealth.

This means: Maggie is currently at the Commonwealth, Rick is being taken there, Michonne is now travelling there, Eugene’s radio buddy is tied to The Commonwealth and MAYBE even Heath will be there.

We’ll go even further to predict that seeing as the same Helicopter group appears in all three series: Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond will also tie into the movies with multiple characters from each shows coming together.

If our theory is correct, we possibly could be leading to a Marvel Cinematic Universe level crossover in The Walking Dead Universe. Sounds crazy, but it’s very much possible.

For now, we just have to wait as events unfold, all we have to say is: watch this space…

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