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Carol To Meet Comic-Book Death In Next Episode of The Walking Dead?

Despite recent events in The Walking Dead, things are looking bad for Carol. Is her death right around the corner?

Season 10 of The Walking Dead has been an odd one for fan-favourite Carol. Carol hasn’t had it easy for a while, could she finally start to crack? Now things are starting to heat up towards the end of the season, we worry Carol may be next to leave the show and meet a horrific end.

Carol has lost everything.

SPOILERS AHEAD! Carol seemed to be living her best life before the emergence of The Whisperers. People were finally at peace and living in a thriving community, she was in love, and had the perfect family.

In good TWD fashion however, we watched hopelessly as she lost all of that. The Kingdom collapsed, her son’s head was put on a pike, and her relationship with Ezekiel broke down.

Ezeikel and Carol Carol To Meet Comic-Book Death

Now she’s riddled with guilt, grief and the thirst for revenge. Since this, she seems to be making countless stupid decisions that have nearly cost many peoples lives and put people in danger.

Fast forward to today, Carol finally had the revenge she desperately needed and has Alpha’s head on a spike, but what happens now?

Carol won’t move forward singing sunshine and rainbows, she’s still an empty woman.

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Carol The Walking Dead Season 10

How does Carol die in The Walking Comics?

In The Walking Dead comics, Carol was a much different character to what she is in the TV series. She was an emotional mess that couldn’t quite bring it together, she eventually killed herself by walking into a walker and letting it eat her. Horrific stuff.

This is why our theory is Carol will meet a very similar fate, just obviously at a much later stage in her life compared to the comics. The next episode is titled ‘Look At the Flowers’, the words she used to calm down young Lizzie before she put her down.

All of this, including her recent behaviour and arc in the shows recent episodes could be major hints that Carol may die ‘comic-book style’ in either the next episode of The Walking Dead or before season 10 wraps up.

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Carol The Walking Dead Comic-Book Death

We Hope We’re Wrong.

It’s very possible to imagine Carol still finding no piece after Alpha’s revenge and letting a walker kill her, Daryl finds her and instead of trying to help her, he has to put her down. Now THAT will be an emotional moment.

Now we hope we’re very much wrong, as Carol is one of the best and most interesting characters on the show, she was present from the very first episode and if they kill her off, it will no doubt be a MASSIVE moment for the show. For the first time ever, we hope this theory is wrong, we really do. 

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