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The Best Shows on Disney Plus Right Now

Disney Plus has FINALLY arrived in the UK, along with it come plenty of top-tier Disney Plus shows worth watching! After launching in the United States last November, think everyone in the UK has waited long enough, so let’s get down to business!

The platform offers a range of content from much-loved classics, animated shows, live-action sitcoms, to National Geographic documentaries.

There’s so much content available and much more to come, but we thought we’d help you pick the best shows which are on right now.

The World According To Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum in The World According To Jeff Goldblum HD Image

This Disney Plus show is a documentary series which follows our beloved Jeff Goldblum as he explores the world and all its wonders.

The Jurassic Park star covers a range of far-reaching topics such as pools, BBQs and tattoos by chatting with influencers and experts with broad knowledge and experience in these particular subjects fields.

The Mandalorian

Disney Plus The Mandalorian HD Image

If you’re a fan of Star Wars or just want to see what Disney has done with its first big-time original product of a show, The Mandalorian is a must-see.

Unfortunately, it’s not a binge-worthy series with one episode released every week, but it’s certainly something to look forward to. It’s also the culprit to the baby Yoda memes. Do you need another reason?

The Simpsons

Disney Plus' The Simpsons HD Image

What’s more comforting than throwing on The Simpsons with over 30 episodes to watch! Whether you’ve seen them all, or have a lot of time to kill and want to finally see what it’s all about, you can start the journey now!


If you like musicals and Kristen Bell, then look no further. Encore features Kristen Bell reuniting real people with their old classmates to recreate their school musicals!

This is a fun experience the whole family can get involved in and a really clever way to reunite people.

High School Musical: The Series

Disney Plus' High School Musical: The Musical HD Image

Set in the school in which the High School Musical was shot, this scripted series sees students put on their own unique version of the musical, making it one for fans of the original movie, or a great series with brand new characters for those new to the high school musical world.

Thats All Folks!

Of course, some other series includes blasts to the pasts Hannah Montanna, Wizards Of Waverly Place and Suite Life of Zack and Cody for you to watch right now. There will also be tons of originals coming soon like Marvels Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

If you’re not too sure about Disney Plus and not ready to commit, you can sign up to a FREE 7-day trial! Just make sure you cancel before this time period ends if you want to avoid paying after the trial, but we’re sure it won’t come to that.

To find out more about what you can expect from Disney Plus in the future, check out our article covering everything you need to know about the new platform here!

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