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Who Is The New Character Named Princess In The Walking Dead?

Princess The Walking Dead AMC

The latest episode of The Walking Dead introduced a new character named Princess, a familiar face from the comics makes her debut into the TV show. But who is she?

Juanita Sanchez, or more commonly known as Princess or Princess of Pittsburgh. She’s being played by Paola Lazaro.

Princess previously survived alone for a long time in the city, admits she got a little ‘loopy’ for being around just herself for awhile. Hence the weird walkers.

Princess The Walking Dead Comics

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More about Juanita Sanchez, aka Princess

She was first introduced in the comics in issue 171. She’s a super friendly and talkative character that the group don’t originally trust due to her being rather strange and awkward.

She’s known for her odd sense of style and having quite the temper at some points but generally a very witty and kind character.

She was a great addition to the comics and will likely be the same going forward in the show.

Princess The Walking Dead Comics

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In terms of the comics, Princess remains a main character in The Walking Dead moving forward and joins the group in key moments as they discover what lies ahead. (We’ll avoid talking too much about that because of Spoilers)

So there we go, Princess has finally made her TWD debut and we’re certain she will be an extremely interesting character moving forward.

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