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What MCU Villain Is Christian Bale Playing in Thor 4

Christian Bale, Thor Love and Thunder

Christian Bale is officially joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Thor 4: Love and Thunder. While it’s revealed the character he will play is a villain, who that villain will be is still unclear.

UPDATE: It has since been announced that Christian Bale is officially playing Gorr: The God Butcher.

So we decided to ask our audience via Instagram what Thor villain they think Christian Bale will play, here are some of the main suggestions. 

1.) Gorr: The God Butcher

Gorr God Butcher: Christian Bale Villain

Arguably one of the best and most interesting Thor villains of them all. Brought up on a planet with no name.

Gorr was left everyday on the brink of starvation, taught to trust and prey to the gods for their help.

But they never came.

His family died and he decided gods did not exist. Exiled by his people for this belief.

Gorr went on travelling the stars, discovered gods do exist and decided to hunt and kill any gods he could find.

An interesting thing to note is that Gorr’s actions ended up leaving Thor unworthy and unable to lift Mjolnir.

This soon lead to the introduction of Jane Foster as The Mighty Thor.

Which as we know, is exactly what Thor: Love and Thunder will touch on.

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2.) Dario Agger aka The Minotaur

Dario Agger The Minotaur: Thor Love and Thunder Christian Bale

Also known as The Minotaur, Dario Agger is The CEO or the Roxxon Corporation, the wealthiest and most powerful corporation in the world.

Agger has the ability to turn into a bloodthirsty Minotaur and even joined Malekeith the Accursed in a certain comic-run.

Dario Agger is well known for being a central villain in Jane Foster’s time as The Mighty Thor.

It would make sense for Bale to play this villain as the issues of climate change and corporate greed has never before been more relevant.

It’s also key to mention the Roxxon Corporation has been mentioned and teased throughout the MCU (Iron Man films) and even played a big part in the Agent Carter series.

A perfect villain to introduce Jane Foster as Thor. 

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3.) Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill: Thor 4 Christian Bale

Part of the Korbinite race and cybernetically enhanced. Beta Ray Bill is loved by many comic-fans who are eagerly awaiting his MCU debut.

The character is capable of lifting Mjolnir and while first being an enemy of Thor, they soon became friends and allies.

He was originally meant to be introduced in Thor Ragnarok but didn’t make the cut, with Kevin Feige even stating he hopes the character is introduced in the near future.

It’s very likely the fan favourite will make his MCU debut soon, whether Bale will play the character is another question. 

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4.) Ares, The God of War

Ares, The God of War: Thor Love and Thunder Christian Bale

The son of both Zeus and Hera, Ares brought war and death wherever he went.

In one comic run, Ares believed Asgard’s presence on earth and the disappearance of Thor was an evil plot by Loki and attacked Asgard until he realised his mistake.

As we know once again, Asgard is currently located on earth and Thor’s gone walkies with The Guardians Of The Galaxy.

An unlikely choice for Thor 4, but a very interesting one nonetheless. 

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Now We Wait

There we have it, a selection of characters our audience thinks Christian Bale may portray in Thor 4: Love and Thunder. Since the time of writing this article, it has since been announced Christian Bale will play the role of Gorr The God Butcher.

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