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Animal Crossing New Horizons: ESSENTIAL Tips!

Whether you’re already working tirelessly developing your island on Animal Crossing New Horizons or still debating buying the game in the first place, here’s a list of essential tips you really need to make sure you’re doing.

Whether you’re already working tirelessly developing your island on Animal Crossing New Horizons or still debating buying the game in the first place, here’s a list of essential tips you really need to make sure you’re doing.

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1.) There Are Different Types Of Mystery Islands In New Horizons.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons tips and tricks island maps
Different types of islands available to visit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Mystery islands are smaller than your main island, but visiting them as often as possible is a great opportunity to gather resources, recruit new villagers and even find an abundance of bells if you’re extra lucky!

Deserted islands are great for gathering extra resources that you may not have on your own island. Each island can be completely stripped of it’s resources and you can spend as long as you like on them!

To get the most out of your visit, make sure you have plenty of room in your inventory.

A great way to control who moves into your island home is by inviting specific villagers yourself. You can find potential new island villagers when you visit these mystery islands who will move into your town if you say!

Just make sure if you see a villager that you talk to them twice. On the second encounter, they’ll give you the option to ask them to move in!

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2.) You Can Plant Money Trees For Extra Bells.

Animal Crossing Money Trees: Essential Tips

Money actually DOES grow on trees here!

 You know those glowing spots that show up everyday on the island? Well instead of digging it up and pocketing the 1,000 bells and walking away, access the bells at the bottom of your inventory, pull some out and plant it. You’ve just planted a money tree!

IMPORTANT: Don’t plant any more than 10,000 bells as you won’t get any more money than that. For every 10,000 you’ll get 30,000 back and that’s the max amount you can get back from a money tree.

3.) Make the Most out of Your Resources.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Gameplay

When you make a shovel you can hit rocks on your island several times to collect resources – and a random rock each day will drop BELLS! 

The trick here is to not take your time. To get the max amount of resources out of a rock you need to hit it as many times as fast as possible.

You can do things like stand at one of the corners of the rock, and dig two holes on either side of you so that they are stopping you from being pushed away or even just put an item behind you to stop you from moving backwards.

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4.) Talk to EVERYONE in Animal Crossing, even the Moody villagers.

Mabel Animal Crossing Essential Tips

Once Mabel makes Able Sisters shop permanent, try to talk to Sable everyday, dont be put off by her ‘prickly attitude’!

If you talk to her once a day and persevere through her bluntness, she will eventually give you gifts every day to customise your furniture!

You’ll also get special visitors often which you should always try and talk to! They’ll provide tasks for you to complete which often means valuable rewards in return. 

A couple of special visitors to mention would be Celeste, the owl who yes, IS related to Blathers.

If Celeste turns up at your island, it usually means the night sky will be full of shooting stars. Look at the sky and hold A to wish upon the star. It will grow brighter and in the morning you’ll find star pieces scattered around the island.

Wisp the (friendly) ghost only appears at night, and he can ask you to help catch his spirit fragments with a Net. Helping him will allow you to choose from three mystery prizes, so always make sure you scour the island for potential visitors and chat to them! 

5.) Hold a Net When Shaking Trees In Animal Crossing

Wasps New Horizons: Essential Tips

Although the Animal Crossing developers claim that no one can hurt you here on the game, they lied. Tarantulas, Scorpions and Wasps can appear out of nowhere and attack you.

A way to protect yourself from wasps, in particular, is to carry a net as you shake trees. If they come after you make sure to run, turn and scoop them with your net.

Doing this also means you can go on to sell them for bells or donate them to Blathers for your museum if you haven’t already! We all know how much he looooooves bugs. 

These are some of the most useful tips I’ve discovered along the way, having not have played the OG game, I was completely new to the world of Animal Crossing. There’s much to be learned in New Horizons and I’m sure these tricks above are only the tip of the iceberg.

Comment below your best Animal Crossing: New Horizons tips down below!

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