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The Hunt Controversy – Is It Worth Watching?

If you want an action, horror, thriller then The Hunt is totally the film for you. This movie has the star-studded cast, the gore and the kind of clever writing that makes you second guess everything. Sprinkled with a bit of humour to add a ‘scary movie’ edge to this gruesome and controversial film. 

What Is The Hunt About?

At only an hour and a half, this is the perfect amount of time to immerse yourself into a completely brutal (yet oddly believable) world. 

Not dissimilar to the Hunger Games, there is a field with a big crate in the middle surrounded by ‘players’, the question is do they open the crate, or is it a trap? 

With a mass of deadly weapons, including arrows (who remembers the Alt- J Hunger of the Pine music video?) and starring Emma Roberts and Justin Hartley my initial thought was ‘here we go again, this is going to be so predictable’ but to my surprise, it wasn’t. 

It’s tense, surprising and witty, with Betty Gilpins ‘Crystal’ as a take-no-prisoners, serious player in this cat and mouse game of The Hunt.

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The Hunt Controversy

The Hunt HD Image

The self-titled tag line for this film is “The most talked about movie of the year is the one that no one’s actually seen.”

This was due to mass shootings in America a month before the film was due to being released, and was therefore cancelled.

After focus groups and private screenings, they decided The Hunt was not inciting further violence and was released in 2020. Just in time for us to watch it from the comfort of our homes during isolation.

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So, if you want a comically gory film with a string of famous actors where you’ll be laughing out loud one minute and wincing at a brutal death the next, give it a watch. It is available to purchase on Amazon Prime now and definitely worth the watch.

3.5 Hooves out of 10

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