Who is Jackpot And Is She Connected To The MCU?

A Jackpot solo film following the life of a crime-fighting mom is officially in development at Sony Pictures, taking place in their Universe of Marvel Characters. Marc Guggenheim (CW’s Arrow) will write the script. But who is Jackpot? What are her powers and how will it connect to Spider-Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)? Well let’s take a look and find out: 

Who is Marvel’s ‘Jackpot’ aka Sara Ehret?

Sara Ehret was a pregnant scientist at Phelcorp (part of Oscorp), developing a cure to Parkinson’s disease. She was exposed to ‘Lot 777’, a virus that rewrote her DNA and left her in a coma for four months.

After coming out of the coma, Sara gave birth to her baby Madeline completely fine.

However, Sara soon discovered that she had developed super strength. She soon became a superhero going by the name of Jackpot. Soon after, she decided she didn’t want to be a superhero anymore and gave it up for a normal life and take care of her family.

Instead, a woman named Alana Jobson paid Sara to take over Jackpot’s identity and became the hero instead. Alana took dangerous drugs, including Mutant Growth Hormone’s to develop superhuman abilities. 

Fast forward a little and Alana Jobson (aka the new Jackpot) teamed up with Spider-Man to take on villains Commanda and Blindside, Alana sadly died in battle.

Spider-Man soon found out that the real Jackpot had given up and sold her superhero identity to someone without powers. Spider-Man talked to Sara about how she has to take responsibility for her powers and that they can’t just be given up.

Soon after Sara Ehret took the mantle of Jackpot once again. 

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Jackpot and Spider-Man: Who is Jackpot?

Is Sony’s Jackpot film Set In The MCU?

The Jackpot film is set in the Sony Spider-Universe. Otherwise known as ‘Sony Pictures Universe Of Marvel Characters’.

This universe will be loosely connected to the MCU. This means that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will mainly stay in Sony’s Universe and interact with those characters but will also feature in the MCU from time to time.

However, that’s the only way the two universe’s will crossover. So don’t expect to see Jackpot or Venom popping up in any MCU film, don’t even expect them getting mentioned in a MCU movie either.

For example, Venom was set in Sony’s universe and will likely face Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the future.

However, despite Spider-Man’s involvement in the MCU, Venom will likely never appear or be referenced in any MCU film.

Does that make sense? We hope so. 

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Sonys Spider-Verse Of Marvel Characters

Films being Developed in ‘Sony Pictures Universe Of Marvel Characters’

Films being developed that take place in ‘Sony Pictures Universe Of Marvel Characters’ are: Venom 2, Morbius, Kraven The Hunter, Silk, Nightwatch and Madame Web, and of course: Jackpot. Oh and it’s also believed a Spider-Woman film is also in development!

A lot of those films may not end up ever being made, so take that info with a pinch of salt.

So long story short: Sony are creating their own little sandbox of Marvel characters and villains that they have they have the rights to but those characters will never cross into the MCU. At least for now…

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