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The Broken Hearts Gallery – A Pleasant Surprise

Romantic-Comedies come and go, but they hardly ever resonate. I’ll admit, it wasn’t my choice to see The Broken Hearts Gallery, and had I not been convinced to go I probably would never have seen it because of how cheesy the trailers looked. However, I walked out of the cinema in complete shock.

The Broken Hearts Gallery is a rom-com that resonated.

Its a modern day rom-com that doesn’t rely too heavily on slang, pop culture references, or the dating digital age in order to be fun.

I’m pretty sure I was smiling throughout this film and long after. It’s not only hilarious but has a fun cast and a premise that is heartfelt.

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What Is The Broken Hearts Gallery About?

After break ups, lovable Lucy (Geraldine Viswanathan) desperately surrounds herself with knick-knacks and souvenirs as totems of failed relationships.

These souvenirs (some being literal garbage), provide her with the permanence a relationship might not. In a bid to get rid of her own trinkets, she starts a gallery where people can leave their items from past relationships.

It’s an unusual premise for a rom-com, but it has a lot of heart and and Viswanathan throws herself into the material with a charming and infectious energy.

The Broken Hearts Gallery Review

The Performances in The Broken Hearts Gallery:

There was a Booksmart level of charm when it came to the comedy between the leads. Dacre Montgomery (Stranger Things) who on the outisde is an Effron type, gives an incredible and empathetic performance.

The absolute show-stealer for me is Geraldine Viswanathan. I not only see her crushing more films like this, but I feel an Oscar-worthy role from her coming over the next few years.

She was charming and hilarious and not only this but she also brought a realistic and resonating emotional side.

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The Broken Hearts Gallery Characters

Why It’s Different To Other Rom-Coms:

What was different about this film is which each act, layers are peeled back revealing new things about the characters.

With this deeper knowledge about the characters, at the inevitable breaking point, the film hits us right in the gut with all these unexpected emotions.

What made this particular rom-com special was its sincerity. There was a real feeling that the actors loved their characters and were trying to play them honestly.

It’s clever and insightful in the way it portrays not being able to let things go after a relationship. What I thought to be a rom-com that would fall flat with its comedy and try too hard to be ‘relevant’, was actually a rom-com I can’t wait to return to.

If you need a seriously funny pick me up this year, go see The Broken Hearts Gallery.

Overall Thoughts on The Broken Hearts Gallery:

  • Many non-Rom-Com fans will be able to enjoy themselves with this one. The idea of having your heart broken and coming to peace with those emotions works so well and is likely to resonate with just about anyone.
  • This film was so aesthetically pleasing, which is what rom-coms rarely strive for. The cinematography here was gorgeous and nostalgic and what’s more romantic than New York city? Probably Paris but you get what I mean.

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