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Wonder Woman 1984 Post Credit Scene Explained

Wonder Woman 1984 Post Credit Scene

Wonder Woman 1984 recently arrived in theatres and you might be wondering: is there a post credit scene? The answer is yes. But what happens in this post credit scene and what does it mean for the future of the DC Universe and Wonder Woman? Let’s take a look!

What happens in the Wonder Woman 1984 post-credit scene:

In this short scene, we see a mysterious lady walking through a crowd as she saves a woman baby from a near-fatal accident.

The mysterious woman continues to walk until the mother of the baby calls her to say thank you, in which the lady responds “I’ve been doing this all this time” and smiles at the camera. 

Wonder Woman 1984 Lynda Carter

This isn’t just any mysterious woman , the actress is Lynda Carter. She famously played Wonder Woman from 1975 – 1979 in the Wonder Woman TV Show. 

However, her character she is now playing in Wonder Woman 1984 is Asteria, an Amazon warrior from Themyscira.

We got a glimpse look at this character in a flashback in which Diana explains that Asteria once wore the gold flight armour, holding back attacks from mankind to allow the Amazonians to flee to safety.

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What Could This Mean for Wonder Woman and the DC Universe:

It’s likely that this is a teaser that Lynda Carter’s character Asteria will feature in the next Wonder Woman film with potentially Diana finally meeting her.

Whether Lynda Carter has a prominent role in the Wonder Woman 3 is currently uncertain.

Gal Galdot and Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

Director Patty Jenkins has said the third Wonder Woman film will feel more contemporary, so likely to be set more in our present day.

After seeing the film recently, we can confirm that it is worth the watch. Wonder Woman 1984 is packed full of action, emotion and humour. With a heart-felt storyline and some cracking cinematography, you’ll be left in awe from beginning to end.

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