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Is Mechagodzilla in Godzilla vs Kong?


The first official trailer for Godzilla vs Kong has finally dropped. The latest film in the MonsterVerse will have the two titans face off against each-other: Godzilla and Kong. Fans have spent many years eagerly waiting for this battle. However, a surprise appearance from Mechagodzilla threw everyone off guard. It looks like Mechagodzilla could be finally making his MonsterVerse debut. 

Godzilla vs Kong Official Trailer:

What Happened In The Godzilla vs Kong Trailer:

Before delving into the possibility of a MechaGodzilla appearance. We need some context. Let’s take a look at what was shown in the trailer:

  • Kong has been captured by what seems to be the military or/and Monarch, they believe they need Kong to stop “what’s coming”.
  • Kong has formed an attachment to a young girl that possibly could have come from Skull Island.
  • It seems that for a mysterious reason, Godzilla is attacking the military and innocent people. It’s believed that something is provoking him.
  • The trailer confirms that there was an ancient war, with Godzilla and Kong the only ones left standing. Hence their rivalry.
  • We then get to see what looks like an epic battle between Kong and Godzilla.
  • Oh, and Kong even has some sort of axe!

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What Does This Mean?

Well, it’s been previously referenced in Godzilla: King of the Monsters that Godzilla and Kong have been rivals for a long time. We’ve just never been sure why.

Godzilla seems to no longer be living peacefully alongside the human race. Milly Bobby Brown’s character Madison Russell believes something must be provoking him.

To protect themselves, the military has likely captured Kong to fight off a chaotic Godzilla. 

However, two big questions remain: Why is Godzilla suddenly evil? What is provoking him? Well, in the trailer we’re led to believe that the destruction we’re seeing is from Godzilla.

However, in one of the very first scenes in the trailer, we can see people running away from what looks like Mechagodzilla on a rampage. 

Mechagodzilla from Godzilla vs Kong trailer 2021

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What is MechaGodzilla?

Mechagodzilla is one of Godzillas biggest enemies, the other being King Ghidorah. While Mechagodzilla has appeared in many older Godzilla films, this will be its first appearance in an American production. 

Mechagodzilla is like a metal version of Godzilla, except he’s made of an extremely strong material known as Space Titanium.

Mechagodzilla also boasts a huge arsenal of weapons such as laser cannons, missiles, and beam attacks. Crazy right? 

In past movies, Godzilla has struggled to fight Mechagodzilla alone. He’s previously needed the help of other titans. Could Kong be the one to help?

How Mechagodzilla could be involved in Godzilla vs Kong:

There are many possible ways Mechagodzilla could be involved in Godzilla vs Kong. Our biggest hint comes from the credits of Godzilla: King of the Monsters. 

A newspaper clipping can be seen in the credits that mention Monarch has been building a ‘mechanised giant’. This is most probably Mechagodzilla.

Monarch likely created this to defend themselves if Godzilla or other titans were ever to attack. Or maybe in response to Godzilla’s recent attacks?

There have been many different storylines involving the Mechagodzilla, one interesting storyline is that Mechagodzilla was disguised as the real Godzilla.

Another version of the character was simply created by humans to protect Tokyo from future attacks.

Old Mechagodzilla

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Could Godzilla vs Kong do something similar to the above storylines? Could the Godzilla causing rampage as seen in the trailers actually be Mechagodzilla in disguise? Or is Godzilla just annoyed that they’ve created a robot version?

No matter what, It’s very likely that after Godzilla and Kong have their fight, they team up and take on a bigger threat: Mechagodzilla. A man vs nature scenario very common in Godzilla films.

It would be really interesting to hear your theories of what will happen in Godzilla vs Kong and how Mechagodzilla could be involved. So comment down below your theories!  

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