About Us

Despite the odd name, we don’t actually hate horses, in fact we think they’re pretty cool.

Who Are We?

Put simply: Dead Horse Media is your home to straight to the point news and reviews on all things Pop Culture. An online platform for passionate people and positive discussions.

What Do We Believe In?

While we’re on the topic of passion, every piece we write from your average article to review is not like anything you will find anywhere else. We’re not your typical ’emotionless, zombie critic’, we will never tell you to not go watch a film, we will only ever guide you on whether it’s right for you and worth watching. While they are art, we strongly believe films, TV series, comics and games are all forms of entertainment that are simply there to be enjoyed. You will find that all of our pieces are honest, straight-forward, easy to read and largely focus on enjoyability.

Why Do We Exist?

Despite what the name may suggest, Dead Horse Media was created to be a positive breath of fresh air in what can be a very negative world. We want to break free from the climate of negative journalism and uptight critics and instead create an engaging, exciting and inclusive platform that encourages passionate people from anywhere and everywhere to get involved with positive discussions. And that’s all while keeping you up to date with the latest Pop Culture news and updates. Sounds good right?

Meet The Team:

Amy Weaver – Co-Founder, Writer, Plant Mom. (@amyoweaver)

Billy Whistance – Co-Founder, Writer, Coffee Addict, Total Nerd. (@BillywDHM)