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Who Are We?

Dead Horse Media began as an entertainment site. After many years of covering the latest pop culture news, we noticed something wasn’t quite right…

The problem.

Our generation felt disconnected from the rest of the world. We were purposefully uninformed, overlooked and exhausted by the current news climate.

Something needed to change. There was an urgent need for a social media publication that offered younger audiences a real alternative.

Where do we come into it?

While still staying true to our entertainment roots, We’re on a mission to provide young people with a new type of news platform.

We’ll keep you informed, entertained and help make sense of the biggest stories/issues affecting our generation. 

We will ALWAYS remain unbiased. We are committed to facts, context, verified sources and sharing both sides of the debate. 

We also want to give you a voice, so we’re creating a meaningful community that promotes empathy and encourages respectful discussions. Let’s get involved with the news, instead of just reading about it. 

What You Can Expect From Us:

Unbiased: Whether you’re left, right, centre (even up or down), we don’t care. You’ll only find us sharing unbiased news stories from verified sources.

Easy to understand: New stories can be confusing and quite overwhelming. Our quick-read articles will always be easy to understand and straight to the point.

Younger generation: For the Millennials and Generation Z that are too often ignored and uninformed. We’ll make sure you understand the biggest stories and issues that affect you. 

Giving you a voice: You deserve to have your say, to feel involved. We’ll host regular polls and discussions to encourage healthy debates online. 

Also, If you’re wondering why we’re called Dead Horse Media, don’t. We’re bad at naming things. Just go with it.

The faces behind the screens:

Billy Whistance @BillyWhistance (News, Politics and Entertainment) – Coffee addict, obsessed with politics, total nerd.

Follow me on Twitter: @BillyWhistance

Billy Whistance DHM

Amy Weaver (Books and Entertainment) – Book addict, passionate plant mum, green tea enthusiast.

Follow me on Twitter: @AmyW_DHM

Amy Weaver DHM

Anyway, enough rambling. Welcome to Dead Horse Media! Go check out our socials and join the community!